It is no news that it is already 1year since the swear in of members of Lagos State House of Assemble. In the interview below, we Join Hon Adewale Temitope Adedeji As he give accounts of his stewardship in the last 365 days in office.

Please can you introduce yourself Sir ?
My name is Hon. Adewale Temitope Adedeji. By the grace of God and the will of the great people of ifako Ijiaye Constituency 01,I represent them in the Lagos State house of Assembly. I am Equally the Chairman House Committee on Transportation. Thank you.

Who is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to you and how best can you describe him?
Jagaban Borgu-a Leader of Warriors; an embodiment of Wisdom, Power and Perfection. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is A man who has served unconditionally- deserving of all accolades in the Books and the ones yet untold.
In short Asiwaju is a Brilliant Creator; Visionary Extraordinaire. He is a man Champions seek his prowess, A leader who everyone follow in his footsteps. A Grand Master in harnessing the potentials of the youths even when all they have is a dream. He is just like a father to me.

How long have you personally known Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu?
Before I came in contact with him, I was afraid of him. The fear stemmed from my inability to simplify the mystery of his doings and how well a single man could carry so much power, not one he inherited but one he toiled and worked for from the very foot of the ladder, all the way up.
I have known Asiwaju personally for many years but it feels as if I have known him forever.

Tell us something you know about Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu which the world have little or no knowledge off?

One of the few things the world may have forgotten about Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is this
one out of his many successes was his ability to galvanize the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of Lagos State from less than a billion naira in 1999 to more than N20billion, thus making the State one of the few that can survive without Federal Government Allocations. Only few Nigerians knows this fact.

Tell us one of the few lessons you have learnt from Jagaban that has helped you along the line in politics till today?
Asiwaju has continuously taught me how to amplify my strengths and manage my weaknesses all whilst being fearless.His dedication towards the people has set a good antecedent, which has taught me the importance of always being of good service to the nation and the people.

Another lesson I have learnt over the years from Asiwaju is that he has not only taken me to the bank of the river, but he has also taught
me all the skills required in hunting for fish to feed and enable the people while also empowering them.He has taught me how to be fearless in the midst of adversity.
Can you tell us one favourite quote you have memorised from Asiwaju.
One of my favourites quotes from him goes thus: “Go and work till mentioning your name becomes a source of increased wealth for someone. Even my weakness creates wealth for vendor.”

Being a close son of Asiwaju what do you think his greatest asset is?
Asiwaju’s greatest asset isn’t the wealth he has garnered through hard work, his greatest asset is his mind!
In a very short words can you eulogize Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu ;Ọmọ Oloro idẹ as he is fondly refer?
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
An Iroko tree,
exuding brilliance of mind,
An action and execution.
The backbone of the nation.
Treasure of Yoruba Land gifted to us,
A man not just made but crafted by Eledumare Himself.
A gift that keeps on giving.

My Father; Father of Nigeria, Father of Nations, Father of Nations yet unborn- A Legacy too rooted to be trivialized.
It will be exactly One year (365 days) of you assumption of office as Honourable member representing Ifako Ijiaye Constituency 01. How has the journey been so far?
So far it has been an awesome experience and I must first thank the good people of ifako ijaiye Constituency 01 for the confidence they repose in me by giving me their mandate to represent them in the state House of Assembly. Owe them my loyalty and services and I will never disappoint them. God help. The journey to the assembly was a tough and rough one bit God was on our side. Coming into the Assembly and the legislative activities is a different curve for me because I have been on the part of the executive side of governance until my election into the Assembly, and like we all know in life, you keep learning. The day you stop learning ,you stop dying. So I was able to pick up fast on the legislative proceeding through the help of my leader and mentor, Rt Hon. Mudashir Obasa. That is another man I will like to talk about in no far a distance from now. His interest in me greatly impacted my life and the ability to quickly grasp the business of legislating.
It no news that as a legislator, you do not have the budget nor power to implement a project but you can lobby same through the executive.How far have you been able to achieve through this means?
Thank you so much. I must start by appreciating the Governor Mr. Babajide Sanwolu And His his Deputy, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat for what they have done so far within the space of time they have been on seat with the responsibility of leading this state. They have done well and have always cooperate with the legislative to deliver the dividend of democracy to the people across board.
As for me as a legislature, I love my people and so I will always fight for their right and development always. Part of what we have been able to achieve starting from Education to Employment, Infrastructure and welfare are as follows;

  1. We have been able to help indigent student in our Constituency by giving out 350 free jamb forms and also provided three months extra coaching classes for them at no cost.
  2. Within the first 100 days in office, we were able to give 50 free GCE forms and free coaching class to students in the constituency.
  3. Over 15 students of the constituency were also help to secure. admission into Lagos state university 2019/2020 through our office
    Several intervention projects were also embarked uopon within the period which includes the repairs of public schools in ifako ijaiye constituency with the beneficiary schools listed below;
    a. Ogundimu Primary School.
    b. Fagba Grammar School complex (Jnr Sec)
    c. Bishop Oluwole complex sch. ( Holy Trinity, All Saints).
    On Employment, we have also used our good office to secure employment for Over 10 constituent,based on merit and those people has been fully employed into Lagos State Government teaching commission.
    Some other appointments has also been made into ministry of transportation board and the recent being the appointment of 2 constituents as Heads of Operations in the ministry of Transportation. We are trusting that God will help us to do more for our people especially our teeming youths.. On Infrastructure
    Through the help of God and our good relationship with the executive, we have been able to influence the resurfacing and rehabilitations of bad roads within our Constituency which includes, Iju road from Pen cinema corridor to Elliot through LSPWC
    The re-award of contract for the construction of Abandon Abiola /Onijemo Roads which connects Obawole ìn Ifako Ijaiye to Àjàyí Road in Ojodu LCDA.
    Construction of Inuobimi street will also kick start as soon as possible.
    We have also facilitated the Dredging of Ogundimu/Ajuwon interstate link bridge Canal
    Dredging Ifelodun, Aina Ajobo Ifako~Ijaiye ,Ajala Bello, Abeokuta Street and Yaya Abatan
    Dredging Yaya Abatan, Onijemo/Abiola, Obawole, Londoner & Ogundimu links Canal.
    Also, the spark up of Covid 19 pandemic in Lagos was a disaster that was never planned for. It caught everyone unaware thereby making life difficult for our people. We had no choice but to be moved with empathy and provide a kind of stimulus packages to support the members of our constituent. We did these in for different Phases. In phase one, we gave out over hundred bags of rice to through the Community development Committee CDC, Religious Bodies , physically challenge and other people to be share to the vunerables, Elderly people and those with no capacity to feed at that time.
    We quickly followed up with the phase 2 by giving out over 1,200 loaves of bread with 400 crates of eggs to same people. This was intended to continue every three days but the feedback made us to change the strategy and we decided to do the Phase 3. This time around, we gave out over Hundred bags of Rice, Beans ,Garri etc.
    Our phase palliative falls within the Ramadan and so we distributed cartons of Foods packs which contains, semi, wheat, spaghetti,Noddles, Macaroni to all our Muslims brothers and sisters in the spirit of Ramadan.
    I also Donationed my salary for the month of April to LNSC staff, the Health workers and Medical personal in ifako ijaiye in other to support them for their activities during the lockdown being the people at the Frontline of the battle against the pandemic.
    We also reach out to the security apparatus in the local government in other to boost their morals during the lockdown.
    What is your Relationship with the community leaders?
    We have a very cordial relationship. I am a community person and that is why we have always channel our support to the community through them. As part of our commitment to the community because they are very important and so their development is paramount to us. After having a meeting with our CDC executive , we decided to support them with the sum of One (1) million Naira Cash Donation towards the completion of their Secretariat building. What is your relationship with the party?
  4. The party is supreme. Without the platform of a party, you can even contest election because that is the only available options for getting elected. I am a party man and I remain committed to the ethos of the party and my loyalty is 100 percent to the party.
    At several time even up to this moment , we have been giving and will continue to give to the party Exco, members , Party members and leaders. As a mark of our respect to the party and it’s leadership. And in fulfilment of our promise to the party, we have also Presentated a SuV LEXUS 300 to our APC LGA Chairman, Dcn Banjo Omole and equally gave out cash gift to all the Party Executives from LG to Ward
    What should the people of your constituency expect from you in another 365 days.
    They must continue to pray for me that God will give me the grace, capacity, and the courage to do more than we have done so far.
    I will never let them down as I hold their mandate very close to my heart. ATA MEDIA CENTRE
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