A clergy, senior pastor of Grace Nation international aka liberation city, Dr Chris okafor says most African leaders are VISIONLESS and also spiritually BLIND, that is the reason most of their economy depends and are controlled by the western world like China and Japan, even borrow from them to survive their economy, for the borrower is enslaved to the lender, because the lender dictate and control the economy of the borrower, this may affect the future of generation yet unborn in Africa because by submission there life has been enslaved to these countries that control their economy.

Nigeria government too is not doing enough for it’s citizen, the basis necessity of life is not available that is the reason why most youths travel abroad for greener pastor, which in recent time result to the xenophobic attack sometime ago in South Africa where many Nigerians youths were killed, the generational prophet of God, Dr Chris okafor as he is fondly called by his faithfuls Said, until the government get it right either through divine and spiritual instruction from annointed man of God in the country, the country will continue to be enslaved.

Speaking at the midweek non interdominational service of Grace Nation, the clergy who is speaking on the Topic, “”BREAKING THROUGH STRONGHOLDS”” explained that for any Christian to break through the stronghold either from a family battle or bloodline battles said one must understand what element to deployed in fighting such STRONGHOLDS, Dr Chris okafor further stated that what you put in place determine the outcome of the battle, you must position yourself in the Lord through worshipping God in truth and spiritual thereby position yourself to take over the gate, because whoever takeover the gate controls the gate, and without taking over the gate there can’t be light at the end of the tunnels,
Miracles and deliverance climax the realms of the prophetic.

Dr Chris okafor enter into the prophetic realms in another dimension as he delivered a woman who had been on the wheelchair for over 5 years, he exposed every strong man behind the woman affliction as he prayed and command the demon behind the paralysis to get out of the woman’s body, the woman was delivered and she walk again without wheelchairs, many other miracle took place at the service, a young lady vomitted a substance that has been walking in her body causing discomfort and sickness , she was delivered and she testifies that ,she was given food in her dream and since then she has been going from one hospital to the other, looking for solution but medically they cannot diagnose her illness. many miracles and deliverance was witness, about 850 woman looking for the fruit of the womb carried there miracle babies,
While praying for the Nation at the service, the man of God said it’s the collective responsibility of Nigerians to continue to pray for the survival of the democracy challenging Nigerians not to relent in praying for the country.

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