Members of International Center for Human Rights, Nonviolence and Safety Awareness (ICHRNVSA) team led by Barr. Ene Sarah Unobe (Executive Director of ICHRNVSA) arrived at Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government Area in Ajegunle on the 10th of December 2021.  The entourage met with the Vice Chairman of the LGA in the person of Hon. Lucky Uduikhue who was informed about the objectives of ICHRNVSA and he assured the team of maximum security and that he has also made preparations for the event.

The event started by 11: 00am with all distinguished persons on the high table sited. The opening remark was given in pidgin language by Hon. Lucky Uduikhue himself   where he addressed the community on the reason and purpose of the event. Reinstating the need for everyone present at the event to know of what to do when their rights are violated and to make a report at the police station.
In the same vein, the representative of the United Nations Information Center UNIC Lagos Nigeria, Mrs. Bolanle Olumeko addressed the community in Yoruba language.  Informing them more on what the Human Rights Day is and what human rights means and the function of the UN In observing and monitoring how these rights are protected, but also other Bodies like Non-Governmental organization (NGOs) such as the ICHRNVSA and many others. Another welcome address was given by a representative of the National Human Rights Commission (Mrs. Eze Obiangali) representing the Executive secretary General of the Commission Dr. Anthony Ojukwu, she gave the history and the reason for the celebration of the Human Rights and also the functions of the National Human Rights Commission. Most especially equality of all human person.

Two representatives of National Human Rights Commission address the community in Yoruba, pidgin and Igbo language by stating the Rights that they have as Human beings and these range from right to life, right to shelter, right to own a property etc as stated in the SDG. Barr. Ene Sarah Unobe of ICHRNVSA energized the event with her melodious slogan HUMAN RIGHTS IS MY RIGHT!!!, which was well received with enthusiasm. This slogan became the song of the event.  With her pidgin language, she arose the interest of the people bringing human rights to their awareness stating the need for the respect of human rights the role of everyone to observed these right and also, encourage them that they should not abuse their right also by the taking of hard drugs and alcohol.

The Iyalode General of Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Govt. Mrs. Titilayo Agoro also appealed to everyone to take the issue of rights violation serious and that she has done her best in her own capacity to make sure that no person’s right is violated in the market as the market leader she sees and resolves issues in the market and states that Human Rights is not something she jokes about. She also pleaded with the Nigeria Police Force to be observers of Human Rights. She ended her speech by appreciating the National Human Rights Commission, UN and the NGOs that were present at the event and assured them of her support.

ASP Mamza, representative of the DPO of Ajeromi Ifelodun also gave a speech on the importance of Human Rights and the role of the people in helping the police in observing these Rights. He stated that when observing these rights, it is good to know that they have limitations. Thereafter, observations, recommendation and questions were taking afterwards which answers were subsequently provided to all. Part of the questions raised by one Mrs. Toyin Ajayi (Woman Leader) was about human rights at home? This question arose so many people. She went on to state that home is where human rights observations start from and parents are the backbone of that. She said a child whose parents did not care for will not know how to behave in the society and therefore ends up constituting nuisance to the community. She appeals to everyone to make sure they care for their children and observe the group they keep.  On the illegal arrest of youth and the arrest of Okada Riders ASP Mamza said there are following directive of the state policy that restrict Okada riders from some areas and therefore they made arrest

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