The Executive Governor of Ogun State,His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun, I write this letter to you with sincerity and honesty and I believe by your position,God has blessed you with good understanding and I pray with that understanding, this letter will shed light and you will have a reverse of your pronouncement on the Ogun State National Union sir.
My name is Evangelist Titus Oladipupo.
I am an indigene of Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun state.

Your Excellency, I am not a politician neither am I a National union member but am a trader in Ifo local Government Area and also a native of Ifo local Government area as earlier stateted.
I want to tell you a small story about the National Union in Ogun State.
The NURTW was formed some years back in Ogun State though I can not remember the actual date although Road Transport Employer Association of Nigeria,RTEAN was in existence before the National Union in Ogun State.
During the regime of Former Governor Diya Popoola from Odogbolu,he did all his best for the National union not to operate smoothly in Ogun State despite the intervention of the Road Employer Association both in Abeokuta and in Ijebu.
After Governor Diya, Governor Ewang resumed office in Abeokuta due to the military cancus, he also wanted to do the same thing, he pronounced that the National Union should leave 100 meters away from the motor park, but after three to four days, former Governor Ewang realized what he did was not good and suitable to majority of the people, he called the National union to come and control their members while the road to control there vehicles and both of them worked together peacefully in Ogun State.
After former Governor Olusegun Osoba took over from Governor Ewang as the Ogun State Governor, The present President of the National union emerged as the chiarman then though I can not remember the date because I was not their member, the Chairman was there for four years and things went well between the Government and the National Union,nobody knows how they did it.
Recollecting, Akeem Bodurin a,k,a, iyeru, was a member of Road Employer Association of Nigeria at that time, there was a very powerful politician in those days whose name was Aremu Jamaica, he was very loyal to former Governor Olusegun Osoba then, instead of former Governor Osoba to remove the current president of National union for his loyalist, he rather told Aremu Jamaica to work under Baruwa as a Deputy State Chiarman.
Baruwa was then loyal to the former Governor Olusegun Osoba, as a state chiarman and everything thing went smoothly, there was no problem in the state. Later, former Governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel O,G,D, emerged as the Governor of Ogun State and current president of the National union worked with him, Otunba Gbenga Daniel O,G,D, did not remove him as the state chiarman.
Your Excellency sir, Akeem Bodurin,a,k,a,Iyeru worked his way to join the National Union as a member then after Baruwa finished his tenure as the chairman of the National Union in Ogun State.
Akeem Adeosun a,k,a, Jango emerged as National Union State Chairman after Baruwa and things started getting so rough, they demolished the current President of the National Union’s filing station and complex at toll gate, Sango because he did not support former Governor ibikunle Amosun during his campaign, with the fear of God, the man took it as God’s will and take it to court challenging the former Governor ibikunle Amosun for demolishing his filling station and complex.
Baruwa may not know me, but I interviewed him then and didn’t disclose myself to him till today.
Your Excellency sir, Prince Dapo Abiodun, you are the Executive Governor of Ogun State today, you have managed Ogun State workers and pay their salary as at when due, There is another set of workers which are the National Union workers working in your state which you have stopped from working. Your Excellency sir, you disallowed thousand of boys earning their living under the National Union and sent them away, but do not forget sir that we are in a democratic dispensation.
With due respect sir, if someone is telling you to send them away from the motor parks, I am telling you categorically that such an individual is not loyal to your government.

Let me take you back to the past sir, when Baruwa was working with the former Governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel OGD, he was very loyal to him, they tried to remove OGD but they were afraid of the union because the union will react and support the Governor, remember the Union is a strong body sir, that was one of the benefits of the union to the Governor.
The removal of Mrs. Titi Oseni as the Speaker then was because they knew the current state chairman then was not with Titi Oseni.
With due respect my Excellency, I am seeing you taking the same step former Governor Diya took, he was not in support of the National union.
I do not see any problem in Ogun State between the National Union of Road Transport Workers and the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria because leadership can come in from anywhere in the Ogun State which all the unionists understand.
You as a father of all should allow other workers to operate in Ogun State.
Your Excellency sir, if I offend you with this write up, I would not want you to take offense, I want you to read it as a God fearing Christian. Although the truth is bitter Sir, I have evidence with prove to back all what I have said in this letter. I challenge anybody to reply me as it concerns me as a citizen and indigene of Ogun State.
My Excellency sir, I plead as an indigene of Ogun State and as a concerned citizen that you should allow for a dialogue to avoid pandemonium, strive and hatred. Sir, I want you to revisit the issue of the National Union and resolve it amicably and put smiles on the faces of all your children in the State.
God bless Nigerian, God Bless Ogun State.

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