It is cristal clear now the inordinate ambition, desperation and quest for power of the buffalo, Tayo Ayinde Chief Of Staff Lagos State. Buffalo as at today has come under the guise of working for Governor Sanwoolu’s second term agenda which was the same complaint about former Governor Ambode then.

The state chairman is almost helpless and turned to a rubber stamped. The out cry is so much that there is no local government Bufallo did not attempt to scuttle the peace , coexist and cohabit of this peaceful community.

His lust for power has made him not to allow party functionaries carry out their legitimate assignments.

He unilaterally replaced the ward chairman of Ward H, Onigbongbo who filled form and returned elected on the day of ward congress with somebody else and the said candidate was swear in under the watchful eyes of Dr Yomi Finnih , who is not comfortable with the choice and turn out of event. Asiwaju needs to call buffalo to order

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