Illumination Assembly, God first ministry Int’l on 30 August was a standstill as Archbishop Isaac Idahosa rolled out a carpet, appreciating God’s faithfulness upon his life and ministry, looking at where the ministry started from and where it is today, gives him enough reason to make it a thunderous ovation on his 31 years Anniversary . It was an “Evening Of Worship”, which saw the likes of some influential personalities across the globe.

The senior pastor of the Ministry, Archbishop Isaac Idahosa was elated and excited talking about his humble beginning when the ministry started in 1989 at Minna, Niger state. that When God ask him to start up a ministry, he had 50 kobo with him but God gave a vision and in it lies a provisions. Clement Emmanuel and other Journalists were on ground to capture the illuminating moment

In his speech he said “So far so good, it’s a Gracious journey. Grace started it and Grace has brought us this far, its Grace that makes us Great. I am what I am by Grace and I will be what He intends for me same Grace of God. That is why God’s Grace that has brought us Salvation has appeared unto us. Not without challenges but in all this things we are more than conquerors”.

He further affirmed that he has learnt in this few years that it is not what happens to a man that defines him but it is his response to them. In every difficulties there are opportunities and in every opportunities there are difficulties. The Bible says in everything, we must give thanks. Appreciation is an application for more. When we appreciate God, he does much more for us, He exposes us to hidden treasures. Appreciation is the principal thing to do in this journey.

A great leader must be able to do many things at the same time. I have been able to apportioned time to different things, I am not saying am the best in some areas but I am trying to be the best God wants me to be. In the areas am lacking especially in the attention giving, am trying to see how to make equilibrium available.

However, we have been able to acquired land to build hospital, schools, church branch, so as to be able to give back much more to the society. This pandemic has exposed us to knowing that we don’t have a very variable health sector. Seeing reasons to that, we want to be proactive in making sure that our people receive the best ministrations and attention, health wise, education wise, human capital, etc, to see what we can contribute to the society.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen from all walks of life were in attendance to grace the occasion in the likes of Hon. Chief Femi Fani Kayode (Former Minister of Aviation), who was called to make a speech, appreciates the host, Archbishop Idahosa for the good work God is doing in his life and ministry over the years, stating that what God has done in his ministry is remarkable. Chief Fani added as he encourages participants that ‘No matter what happen in this country, the body of Christ cannot be wipe out, the name of Jesus Christ cannot and will not be denied in this nation and indeed on this earth because of the Church of God and because of God’s general in this country.

Dr Alex Bamgbola (Chairman of lagos chapter of the ‘Christian Association of Nigeria'(CAN) during his speech made a pronouncement to the former Minister of Aviation, Chief Fani Kayode as he was led by God, said “You are a friend of God, God has prepared you to be a pastor and if you do not compromise with God, you will rule this nation”. After the pronouncements, all the God’s General and Fathers of faith prayed for him as he swiftly went on his knee to claim the pronouncement.

Also present was Most Rev John Osa-Oni, Bishop Sola Ore (Lagos state Chairman of ‘Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria’, PFN), Bishop STV Adegbite, Archbishop Jim Okeowo, Bishop Taiwo Ajose, Rev Jonathan Odega, Rev Chris Okafor, Apostle Psalm Okpe, Prophet Anene Nwachukwu, Bishop Chidi Anthony, Dr Pascal Good, Pastor Mojisola Okonkwo, Dr Delison Tanko. Other Gospel ministers present were Bishop Praise Machine, FAY, Monica Oga, Onos Ariyo, among others. It was an Evening of showing Gratitude to God, an evening of electrified Praise and Worship. And it was indeed a ceremonious event as Bishop Idahosa expresses his utmost delight to his wife, Bshop Elect Christy Idahosa who is in America, could not make it down due to movement restriction. His children, Christabel and Osagie Idahosa was not left out of the scene. Everyday is a plus

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