Having read on Social Media Networks how some people tried to mislead the the public and further twist the government position as regards the Covid-19 Test for Students in private boarding Schools as part of requirements for basic and Secondary Schools resumption in Ogun, I term this as too barbaric and unjustified act against a good and sincere government like Ogun State government. This is shocking, acrimonious and politically sponsored.

Despite Covid-19 Pandemic, as “future building government”, the Federal Government and the external examination bodies, especially the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC), agreed on resumption dates and dates of examination especially for the exit classes. However, no serious government will allow its future Leaders resume classes without putting in place, safe and sure measures to further prevent them from the deadly disease.

Ogun State Governor, His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun as a responsive, serious and highly responsible Governor, on Wednesday, 29th July 2020 while addressing the press as regards the popular deadly Covid-19 disease in his Abeokuta office, highlighted the facilities to meet COVID-19 preventive criteria put in place for the concerned Students resumption on Tuesday, 4th August, 2020. Similarly, to be further sure of the Students safety, the State government has requested for certified Covid-19 tests certificate from all Schools operating boarding facilities approved. (Private Schools).

As a result of the foregoing, it is very important to further clarify that Ogun State government did not ask any boarding student in either Private or public Schools to pay a sum of 25,000 thousand Naira for the Covid-19 Test as falsely reported in some Media.

The State government has only said it will bear the full costs of the Covid-19 Test for all the boarding SSS3 Students in the State- owned public schools and requested the Private schools owners to ensure that all their boarding students are certified Covid-19 test negative before being admitted into their boarding facilities.

According to a press statement issued by Special Adviser on Basic and Secondary education to Ogun State Governor, Mrs Ronke Soyombo on Sunday evening, “to further assist the private schools, Ogun State Government has negotiated a huge discount in the cost of Covid-19 Test with some healthcare service providers. However, private schools owners and parents are free to engage any other service provider of their choice provided that the service is certified by NCDC as Covid-19 Test service provider.” If this kind gesture from the the State Government is what some people tagged extortion and requesting for the N25,000 from the private Schools Students, I am afraid, our known enemies are always ready to play indecent politics with every move of the State government. Meanwhile, the good people of Ogun State are not foolish to accept cheap lies and blackmails like this. Our people are wise, very sensible and greatly responsible.

For a government to have put in place, all these commendable preventive measures, is an indication that such government is serious and should be appreciated not engineering uncovered lies against it.

By Ola Muritala, SA, New Media to the Governor

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