The Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria (CRAN), a body of all journalists covering the security beat nationwide, hereby commiserate with the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mohammed Adamu, the entire Nigeria Police Force and indeed our fellow countrymen on the loss, both human and material during the period of violence as a result of #EndSARS protest hijacked by hoodlums.

Like all right thinking members of the society, CRAN strongly frowns at police brutality but also notes that the unethical actions and inactions of a few should not be the yardstick to measure the entire force.

We outrightly condemn the widespread killings and assault of police officers nationwide, which at the last count was pegged at 22 for fatality.

It is also highly condemnable the sheer vandalism and arson visited on 205 police formations and barracks across the nation, as well as the looting of police weapons and accoutrements by hoodlums acting under the guise of #EndSARS protest.

We commend the IGP and command CP’s for efficiently managing the protests, urging personnel to down arms even in the face of provocation.

We also commend the IGP for the immediate reforms instituted as part of the five demands of the #EndSARS protesters and we hope to see a truly reformed police force in the next coming months.

However, a nation without its police force is anarchy in waiting, an anomaly which was witnessed in the past few days where hoodlums, arsonists and looters reigned supreme.

Therefore, we urge the police to return to their duty posts and take charge in protecting the lives and properties of Nigerians, like they swore to uphold in the Police Pledge and Oath.

Also commendable were the actions of the Force PRO and State PPRO’s for their wisdom in communication during these times, especially with the fourth estate of the realm.

On this note, we commiserate with the families of police and civilians who lost their lives during the crisis and pray to God to heal everyone who is hurt by the violence.

We urge the police to see all that transpired as hazard of their profession and implore the government to speed up implementation of police reform and put police salary at par with salaries of NIMASA and NNPC staff.

A progressive police makes a progressive nation and it is the desire of CRAN that the Nigeria Police Force excel, become a force multiplier and restore trust of the public in the organisation.

Emmanuel Edom,
Chairman, Public Communications and Ethics Committee

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