Ewohimi Community situated in Esan South East in Edo State has always been peaceful and happy on the 16th of October 2013 Pa Patrick Abumhenre was given a Chieftaincy title

According to our source Pa Patrick Abumhenre was just bestowed with a chieftaincy title due to his hard work and kindness.according to our source with some of his enemies in the community who wanted him dead at all cost.his choice as a chief was tackled and challenged by some Group of people who never wanted the growth and development of the community.meanwhile, the kind hearted old man was thinking about the future of the entire Esan community. His enemies devised means of attacking and snuffing life out of him but unfortunately on the 30th of December, 2013 when the hardworking farmer Pa Patrick Abumhenre was arriving back from his farm, he was brutally attacked by assailant who cut him with Cutlass right at the back of his head, the incident occurred at the exactly 2:30 pm., According to our source chief Abumhenre ‘s corpse was sighted by another farmer on his way home who announced the sad occurrence to everyone in the community were shock to their marrows.

The police were brought in and investigations commence immediately, however baffling things is that while the investigation was going on, the attacker also visited the home of Pa Patrick Abumhenre on the 18th of January, 2014 where they made attempt to snuff life out of chief Patrick Abumhenre son sebastine and his mother. It occurred at 1:45am at midnight according to our source, the both mother and son managed to escape relying on the police both mother and son visited the ewohimi police post in Esan South East LGA to report and were told to relax their mind that nothing dangerous or perilous would happen to them but in a jiffy the attackers visited the home on the 25th of January 2014 base on our source they achieve their dastard act. This time around they cane in broad daylight disregarding the presence of the people and even that of the men of Nigeria Police Force. According to our research they attacked Pa Patrick son and mother with different weapons, the situation was so tensed that the Nigeria Police deploy their squad to chase the attackers. The case according to information is now in the custody of the Lagos State high court and is still pending

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