This year’s Eid el Kabir celebration will be one like never before in Zamfara state. On July the 27th the Executive Governor of Zamfara state had distributed a total of 993 cattle and 5665 rams an unprecedented support to the people for Eid el Kabir.

The Eid el Kabir ceremony, a yearly celebration of the Islamic religion to commemorate God’s intervention and show of affection to Abraham, when he replaced His son Isaac with a sheep, has remained a high point celebration to Muslims who use that day to honour God by demonstrating that Love. 

The Celebration has become a yearly occasion of joy for all faithful Muslims all over the world, who use the occasion, to share gift and show love to loved once.

His Excellency Dr. Bello Matawalle, the Executive Governor of Zamfara State thus became the first Governor in the history of Zamfara State to extend his hand of love and friendship to the good and peaceful people of his state, when he distributed the 993 Cattle and 5665 Rams on 27th July, 2020 as a welfare Package to the people. A gesture many have described as historic, commendable, philanthropic and worth emulation.

This year’s El-Edir Kabir ceremony will be remembered in the state in many ways, because it marks the sharing of God’s blessings to the people of Zamfara State for the relative peace they have enjoyed since Dr. Bello Matawalle became the Executive Governor of Zamfara State, and the participant in the ordinance of Allah injunction to all Faithful in Islam, and it will also be remembered that for the first time, a noble gesture from a state government to his people.

In the past, people give to the Governor as their own way of showing gratitude which was targeted at winning

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