Popular Mushin based Lagos politician and land grabber ,Alhaji Taoridi Faronbi Alado is currently battling to save his name and life as the Kuje Amuwo family in Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos State has accused him of being responsible for the death of two members of their family .

The deceased persons were some days ago killed during a supposed peace meeting between two families on boundary adjustment in the white sand area of Isheri Oshun

The image maker in charge of the state police command,Bala Elkana confirmed the incident and added that two people have been arrested in connection with the attack and that the police were on the trail of other perpetrators of the act .

The deceased persons were identified as Oluwoyo Debo and Daniel Chibuzor while five others ,including a surveyor and a policeman were injured by a gang of hoodlums ,who were allegedlly assisted by a team of soldiers and gun- wielding policemen .

The head of the Kuje Amuwo Royal family Chief Ligali Suabu Hassan, while narrating the sad incident ,said ” for quite some time now ,we have been having issues with the Fagbile family in Isheri Oshun over boundary issues on our land but we have never experienced anything like what happened last week .”

The family head continued that ” we have our surveyor and they have their surveyor too but they hired an agent ,Alhaji Faronbi Alado to be selling the land for them .The two families met and we agreed to invite a neutral surveyor ,who has a vast knowledge of the boundaries of all the Communities in Amuwo-Odofin ,Isheri Oshun and other parts .

” Before the agreed date for the boundary resolution,we had written a letter to the police at FESTAC division to give us policemen ,who would serve as witness and we our people got there ,our people saw policemen and soldiers around and they felt assured that there won’t be any problem .

Chief Hassan also continued that ” to our suprise,there were hundreds of hoodlums there too and before our people could think of what to do ,the hoodlums descended on them and began to use different weapons on them ,not sharing the policeman ,who accompanied our surveyor to the site .”

He pleaded that ‘ I want the Inspector General of Police to order a thorough investigation into this last attack .Our lives are in danger .These people now use soldiers and policemen to attack and kill us .We have written petitions to the IG and other police formation on the past but it appears that these people are bigger than the law of the land .Our people should not be allowed to die in vain .

Alhaji Monsuru Akande, a member of the family ,who narrowly escaped death” despite the fact that I told them that I had come to buy land ,they kept attacking me with charms , matches and even charms There were over two hundred hoodlums and there were soldiers and policemen around ,who were watching them unleashing mayhem on us .”

Akande narrated that “we had gone there in two vehicles and were expecting policemen from FESTAC town to join us ,after we had written a letter to them .We were waiting for the policemen ,when some hoodlums approached our vehicles and ordered us to come down .I told the driver to wind up all the glasses in the vehicle but they showed us guns,which were carefully tucked under their shirts.”

” More of them came out from where they were hiding and there was nothing we could do .I told the driver to try to escape but they caught up with us and they descended on us we ran into different directions but they still caught up with us .They destroyed the windscreen of my vehicle and attacked us. They were convinced that Daniel and Debo would die and they left them “

” To my surprise, the same policemen that were watching us from a distance still came to pick is with injuries and took us to Isheri Oshun police station instead of taking us to the hospital and on that same day we were transferred to Force annex in Alagbon instead of state CID Panti that same day .We were not even taken to the headquarters of the police on Ikeja .It was policemen from Alagbon that came to pick us in Isheri Oshun.”

Akande added that ” when the policemen saw the degree of injuries on Daniel and Debo ,they were allowed to be taken to the hospital.Because of their condition they were first taken to FESTAC police station for medical report,before they were taken to the hospital.Debo died later that day but Daniel died on Saturday .I was afraid that they might not survive the incident .”

Counsel to the Kuje Amuwo family ,Bayo Omoniyi in a letter to the Inspector General of Police ,dated 19th March 2020 demanded for ” justice and immediate response ” from the police ,noting that the family had in the past raised the alarm and that nothing was done till the hoodlums went on rampage .

Omoniyi said ” we recalled that we had of recent cried out over the menace of armed bandits attacks ,which had become a recurring decimal in the area and sought for the deployment of armed personnel to ensure that lives and properties in the area in respect of which your office has graciously approved the deployment of mobile policemen to secure the area .”

He pointed out that ” it is instructive to also note that there had in the past been misgivings and allegations of tresspass until land between our clients and one Fagbile family,which had secured the services of Alhaji Taoreed Faronbi a k a Alado as their agent .”

” However,in other for peace to reign ,the two families jointly contributed and employed a surveyor to survey the land and verge out the area of tresspass ,if any ,which was done ,over a year ago .Parties have since then been unable to meet on the land to physically map out the boundaries.”

The lawyer also said “some days ago the neutral surveyor engaged by the parties to survey the land , Surveyor Suraju Ologunebi sent words to our clients to send their representatives to the land for parties and their surveyors to be shown the boundary.”

Barrister Omoniyi also added that ” our client thought it was to be a move towards peace .Little did they know that the suspects had other mission planned out and had set a trap into which our clients innocently walked into ,only to find themselves cut out in the middle of what later turned out to be a war-like situation as armed bandits swamped on them like bees ,bearing and using deadly weapons like guns ,matchetes ,rods ,cudgels and planks .

” The principal actors that were easily identifiable having regard to their previous familiarity with our clients are : Begun Echo, Ayo Faki,Ikechukwu , Monsuru Keshinro Olori Squad, Leke an Akinde ”

The image maker in charge of the state police command ,Bala Elkana confirmed the incident and also confirmed the death of the two people .

Elkana however said that the police at FESTAC town quickly responded to a distress call after the hoodlums had invaded the venue of the peace meeting

The police image maker said ” there was an attack on some people but the police at FESTAC division were only contacted,when there was an issue and they quickly deployed officers to the scene .”

” Two injured persons were rescued and we’re rushed to the hospital by the police .One of them died that day and the other died later .”

The Lagos police spokesman also stated that “two persons have been arrested in connection with the attack and investigations are ongoing .”

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