A 28 years young man, Oriaran Oyakhire Festus residing with his wife and two children
at No, 22 Itire Street, off ajangbadi Road Ilogbo, in Ojo local government area of lagos state is on the run for his dear life as he has been trail for an offence of homosexuality
Youths, elders and OPC in Nigeria are now working with law enforcement agencies to chase out and put an end to those that were engaging in propagating homosexuality which the laws of Nigeria and Various local communities in the country abhors. The law was enacted during the regime of President Goodluck Jonathan, according to the testimony of the wife
On December 24th, 2011 the wife went to his family to spend Christmas holiday , he invited his male girl-friend into their house and they were lost and carried away, his wife got information that his husband and partner are together , she came to the house unnoticed and caught them in the act, the wife said she wasn’t aware of his homosexuality until she began to suspect his movement with a particular guy and people around are suspicious of his activities with men and they have been hinting her but she didn’t believe, she confronted him and he denied even turned it to quarrel, he escaped after he discovered the police and OPC are in search of him, They succeeded to escaped from the house because immediately she raised an alarm they subdued her by pushing her out of the way his girl friend elvis ran out and he wore a trouser and dash out, if you are caught according to the Baale of Ajangbadi law u will be tortured and banished from the land.

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