For regular road users Maryland roundabout in Lagos, the ebullient Inspector Jumai Musa, whose imposing command of traffic at the popular spot is not a strange sight. She is always motorists’ delight during rush hours and peak periods as she cheerfully treats passersby to a delightful spectacle like and orchestra conductor.

Undaunted by her meager salary, the police traffic warden goes about her job with dedication under the sun or in the rain to keep traffic flowing at the busy roundabout.

Tuesday, September 10, was a turning point in Jumai’s life as she was rewarded with a special gift by the officer in charge of Lagos State Traffic, CSP Oriyomi Titilayo Oluwasanmi.

While Jumai was controlling traffic in her usual cheerful way, a police patrol van stopped abruptly and her boss, CSP Ilesanmi alighted, asked her to step aside as she took over control of the traffic. Jumai said she was scared whether her superior had come to register some displeasure on her incompetency.

Ilesanmi after about two hours of controlling traffic called Jumai to come closer and shocked her by telling her that she had dedicated the day for her.

She said: “Inspector Jumai, my entourage and I have come to appreciate you. We decided to come at the peak of traffic, to give you respite, so that you can have a little rest. I have been observing you since I took over as the State Traffic Officer .You have shown serious commitment in your duty. You have been seen everyday looking cheerful under the rain and in the sun. You are so dedicated that motorists call daily to commend you. I have come with a small gift to show you that we in traffic section, the Nigeria Police and good citizens of Nigeria love you. You are a pride to the police.”

Jumai who was full of joy, said she was not expecting the reward from her superior: “I am surprised with what madam is doing. I did not know she was watching me. I was shocked when she asked me to step outside and took over the control of traffic. I thought she has come to reprimand me, but while she was doing the traffic control, I was saying that I used to do it the way she was doing it even though she was more professional. I was anxious to hear her. I was on top of the world when she started showering encomiums on me.”

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