The major victim of 19th December 2018 fire incident as a result of pipeline vandalisation in Abule Egba said both the federal and Lagos State government has abandoned him. 

     Mr James Adeosun the CEO of PILLAR AUTOMOBILE who lost 16 cars to the fire incident said all efforts he has made to compensate him by the federal government and Lagos State Government has proved abortive including the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC that owns the pipeline. 

     According to Mr Adeosun, he had written several letters to both the Federal and Stat Government appealing for help with so many reminders and yet they have not deem it fit to look into his plight. Adding that to feed his family and pay for  children school fees has been a major problem facing him as he has no other way to raise money to take care of his family. 

     In an emotional laden voice Mr Adeosun said NNPC has told him categorically that they don’t pay compensation to pipeline fire victims even though his auto mart is not around where the vandalisation took place and the fuel flows to his auto mart which is a far distance to the scene. 

     Mr Adeosun said he has also written to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senator Olamilekan Adeola (Yayi) to intervene in his matter but none of them seem to show interest in his case. 

     The lawyer to Mr Adeosun Barrister Akinwole Okenile, Esq, Said that he strongly believe that all the letters have not gotten to the right source adding that the one they sent to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu it was the PA who called later to say his boss was very busy and ever since they have not hear from him again. 

     When our correspondent sought the views of some residents in Abule Egba area they all said that they were disappointed with the way our Government treat it’s citizens and said in a civilized world Citizens are not treated this way. 

     Mr Ayodele Adesola a generator mechanic said he was shocked to know that a year after the fire incident victims of the inferno are yet to be compensated.   

     “Honestly speaking I am shocked that victims of the fire incident has not been compensated what kind of Government is this? If it was in the USA that such thing happen it will not take up to one month before the victims will get compensation. i think our leaders need to change their attitude towards the citizens. Mr Adesola Lamented. 

     Mr James Adeosun the victim said though he has attempted suicide on two occasions he is not ready to give up the fight until he gets justice and appeal to the relevant body to come to his aid at this critical time. 

     “I am begging the Federal, State Government and the NNPC to please do the needful to help me out #96 million is not a joke and it is the value of the cars I lost to the fire”. 

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