Nollywood actress, Peju Ajiboye has narrated how she almost lost hope in movies following frustration she was made to face at location some years back. But for the intervention of ace Nollywood star, Yinka Quadri who saved her, Peju would have forgotten all about her passion which led her to acting.

The mass communications graduate who hails from Ilorin, Kwara State made appearance at the last Valentine show at the Raddison hotel in Ikeja GRA where she spoke passionately about Nigerian youths. “My personal experience when I started out in movies was not too encouraging but I did not allow the frustration to deter me from forging ahead.”
The situation that led to her frustration years ago started when she was to act a scene at a location.” I spent over five days without being given a role. I ended up so frustrated because I discovered that the producer was not willing to encourage me at all. I thank God for the intervention of Uncle Yinka Quadri who gave me money that I should go back home and said to me, don’t worry, one day, your own time will sure come. That was how I left the location with all my costumes after having waited without a job”.
But today, I thank God that I am doing pretty well. All I am saying is that the younger ones need to be focussed and patient. Whatever disappointment you encounter is not meant to discourage you, rather it will build you stronger.
“This is the same spirit I want the younger ones to imbibe, once you have a vision, all you need to do is to pursue it vigorously and never allow distractions to discourage you”.
In her words, Peju fondly known as “Omo Old Soldier”
told The Scoop,
how she made her way into Nollywood. “I had always liked acting from my childhood days. I started out with stage performances and gradually I took the bold steps to forge ahead but I will forever be grateful to my boss, Kamorudeen Saba (Radical) who tutored me all the rudiments of acting and productions.”
Recalling how challenging it was to produce her first work, titled “Kini Mo Se”, Peju who until now has over 10 films to her credit is desirous of working with her mentor, Bukky Wright who she says inspired her a lot during her early days in acting.
Asked what her projection is, Peju told The Scoop, “My desire is to embark on an adventure abroad to educate Nigerian children abroad about culture and tradition through film productions. It is obvious that parents have succumbed to infiltration of Western culture. Our children no longer know what culture and tradition means to us as Africans.
Highly passionate about the project, Peju who is currently on a location for the production of a new movie, “Oko Ore Mi” says she is already discussing with a number of notable movie stars in Europe who are willing to partner with her to stage performances and produce films that are culture-oriented. “This is the only way we can preserve our tradition”, she asserted.
Part of her past cultural productions, “Igbo Dudu” according to Peju will also be staged for her numerous fans to appreciate with a view to projecting our values so our children can uphold African culture and tradition.
Some of her personal productions in the past include “Kini Mose”, “Eje Omidan”, “Igbo Dudu”, “Iku Obirin”, and a fast-selling “Arogidigba” which is currently in the market

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