I am by name Hon. Adeyanju Adegoke Awoso representing the good people of Egbado North 1. I am the Chairman House Committee On Health & Vice Chairman of the Education Committee. I will like to enjoin our amiable Governor to do a review of how the last palliative measures were shared among Ogun citizens. Although the process was not partisan because everybody was carried along regardless of political party affiliation. However, there were some noticable errors in the distribution Sir.

We quite understand that the just concluded phase was targeted soley at the elderly, vunerable, indisposed and physically challenged members of our community.

However, i want to plead with Your Excellency to consider the able bodied young individuals in the next phase of the distribution of Relief Materials – if there is going to be a second phase Sir. A large percentage of our youths depends on daily income for survival which has been rendered impotent with the lockdown.

In as such as the Lockdown is for our own safety, the ensuing cyclical unemployment coupled with their survival instincts have pushed them into untowards activities which is evident with the surge in the rate of crime and insecurity under one week of the Lockdown.

In that regard, proposing another two weeks under same condition and circumstances will be like igniting a Keg of Gunpowder. These young individuals’ source of livelihood hangs on their daily proceeds. The Okada Riders, Market Women, Transporters, Street Hawkers, Artisans e.t.c feed on the forces of demand and supply which are in comatose as a result of the Lockdown.

The State and Federal Government should know that crime, hunger and insecurity will take more lives than the Coronavirus itself if the welfare & well-being of this young and energetic age-group are not hurriedly addressed.

Your Exellency Sir, we and the entire good people of Ogun State are quite aware that the global fall in the price of crude oil has affected our state allocation. The lockdown has also affected our IGR but nonetheless we enjoin you to make a provision for the abovementioned class of citizens Sir. There may be a need to discuss with the Presidency in order to render executive assistance to Ogun State which is part of the State on total lockdown due to our proximity with Lagos State. However, we can never compare ourself to Lagos in terms of financial stability. The Lagos State Governor was credited to have said they were prepared for the worst but I pray the worst will not come to any State in Nigeria and the Nation as a whole in Jesus Name.

In addition Your Excellency sir, the announcement by the Federal Government that indigent Ogun citizens should register for NGN5000 relief fund should be well monitored. The registration centres should be well distributed across the State so that Ogun Citizens can easily access the relief in this lockdown sir. The late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo SAN the core Remo man said : The Hottest Part In The Hell Fire Is Reserved To those who Keep Quiet Whenever His/Her People Needed Him/Her Most. I hope this is high time my people needed me most as their representative.
Awoso The Voice Of Voiceless People.

Your Excellency sir , I thank God for your life because it is evident that all your efforts are directed towards the betterment of Ogun people and not about party sentiments. I pray that the Almighty God gives you a sound health and divine wisdom to lead us well sir.
HON.(CHIEF) ADEYANJU ADEGOKE AWOSO Representing Egbado North 1

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