Homosexuality and Lesbianism which a few years back was seen in the same light as bestiality and perversion is today accepted as a natural sexual preference in the western world with some countries legalizing same sex marriage and sexual liaisons between people of the same sex. However, in Nigeria, based on our culture and tradition as well as our religious inclination, the Federal Government and the National Assembly under former President Goodluck Jonathan had passed a law that made homosexuality a crime in Nigeria with the passing of the Anti-Gay Law in January 2014. Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which attracts this jail term and painful punishment.

However, this has not stopped the trend as homosexuality still continues in the country.

 Security agencies, especially The Nigerian Police Force has not been lying low in tackling this trend as they daily hunt down and arrest suspected homosexuals. However, it appears that the Police have been unknowingly arresting some individuals based on guilt by association premise.


 One of such cases is that of one Olaoye Taiwo Toyin, resident of 10 Tolatos Estate, Ojoo Ibadan, Oyo State who was alleged to loves sleeping with men. Olaoye was declared wanted by the Police when his friend one Mr Ajadi Waheed who was caught with a 17 year old boy on 14th April, 2019 in the act by some community members and for the fact that they are seeing Toyin with the suspect, they started going after him, reported him to police authority, his father was stigmatise, was reported to have committed suicide by drinking rat poison. Toyin ran away before the arrival of the police to northern nigeriabut could not feel safe there due to the activities of Boko Haram and he finally fled Nigeria 

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