The village head of Abaren, Chief Olukayode Akoni and Baale in Council of the Ogun State community in the Obafemi Owode Local Government have denied any incident of kidnapping or abduction around the area .

The village head and the council of chiefs also denied the report of insecurity in the community ,saying that the reports were the handiworks of criminals ,who are planning to forment trouble in the community .

They however called on the Inspector General of Police and the Commissioner of Police to thoroughly investigate allegations of abduction ,kidnapping and attack in Abaren.

The Abaren people said that the police came to arrest Olatunji Ogundimu, Azeez Ogunbukola ,MustaphaJinadu , andAzeez Alabenu

The baale of the village , Chief Olukayode Akoni ,while speaking with newsmen on Sunday averred that ” the general public should disregard any report of kidnapping in Abaren in recent time .”

The village head continued that ” what happened recently was that policemen from the Special Weapon and Tactics from Abuja invaded the town and made some arrests in connection with a petition against some members of the town .”

He also added that ” the policemen made the necessary entry with the local police and even visited traditional rulers in the area before and after the arrest .”

” There was a petition against Olatunji Ogundimu and the police came to arrest him and he was taken to Abuja, interrogated and released after an undertaking had been signed that there would not be any problem in Abaren .”

Baale of Adewolu ,Chief Sulaimon Akoni also said that ” the reports of kidnapping in Abaren are all lies .The police in Mowe and the Area command in Obafemi Owode have all the details ”

He also added that ” the petition to the police was as a result of the attack on Abaren on April 22 2021 by over fifty armed men ,who were aided by a senior policeman in the area .”

He also said that. “the attack in April was the second by the group in six months. They did a similar thing in November 2020, leading to the arrest of some of them .”

Baale Adewolu also added that ” the police wanted to mediate because of the strike from judicial workers and they promised to visit the village to speak with residents .”

” By the time they ( the policemen ) arrived Abaren last Friday ,there were already announcement on the radio by the suspects that they were kidnapped .”

Baale Adewolu also continued that” we want the Inspector General of Police,the commissioner of police in Ogun State to investigate ,not just the untrue reports of kidnapping but also investigate any case of violence in the village.”

He also added that ” we are in Abaren now and you can see how people are moving freely .No violence as reported.”

The community also said that Chief Olukayode Akoni,Chief Samsondeen Akoni,,Solomon Akinyemi ,Mathew Akinyemi and Sulaimon Poooola were not at any time involved in any kidnapping in the community and that the police in Ogun State Police Command and the Owode Area Command can attest to the fact .

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