The performance of any political leader in Nigeria is judged by the number of people who he has been able to impact positively in their lives. In our country, there are politicians and there are politicians. As we have an array of political stalwarts and leaders who know where it pinches, so we have those who are very greedy and has no inkling about the living standard of the people. However, despite the fact that the Nigerian political sphere is regarded as ‘murky’, there are still a few number of individuals who have been able to prove that indeed a white pap can come out of a dark pot. This is a revelation that, indeed, some are really chosen.
One of the chosen political players in Nigeria today is Honourable James Abiodun Faleke. This is a man that has practically shown that love, care and passion are the hallmarks of politics. In his leadership styles over the years, Hon. James Faleke has been able to touch many lives in different ways. Born on the 25th of December 1959, Hon. Faleke is a shrewd politician who used to be a consummate corporate peprsonality having worked as Purchasing Manager with the Aluminium Manufacturing Company of Nigeria (ALUMCO Plc) and Crown Agents Ltd where he worked as a Commercial Manager.
Delving into politics, Hon. James Faleke ensured he took very good care of his people. As a member of House of Representatives at the National Assembly in Abuja representing Ikeja Federal Constituency, Hon. Faleke embarked on several developmental projects. He has been accorded quite a number of times due to his philanthropic and kind gestures. This ebullient politician gave out more than a hundred mini buses for youths in Ikeja Federal Constituency to alleviate their poverty levels while giving out other equipments to artisans in that constituency and purchasing of patrol vans to the security agencies to tackle crime and criminality including LASTMA official for traffic management and even renovating the vandalized police station in his jurisdiction during endsars crisis in Lagos State. In addition to all these, Hon. Faleke organized health programmes in all the communities under his jurisdiction where people are given free medical check-ups, treatments and surgeries. Today, the programme has added immensely into the health improvement of Hon. Faleke’s constituents. In retrospect, Hon. James Abiodun Faleke joined active politics in 2003 after former Lagos State governor and National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu appointed him the first Executive Secretary of newly created Ojodu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Lagos State. In 2011, Faleke won a vote to represent Ikeja Federal Constituency of Lagos State in the Nigeria’s Federal House of Representatives. In 2015, he ran on a joint ticket as deputy governorship candidate to Abubakar Audu in his home state of Kogi. They won majority votes cast in the keenly contested election displacing People’s Democratic Party, PDP for the first time in more than a decade with comfortable winning margin. But Abubakar Audu died shortly before the official declaration of the results. Their party, the All Progressives Congress, APC then transferred the votes to Yahaya Bello who was first runner up in the party’s primary election. Hon. Faleke challenged the decision of the party up to the Supreme Court but lost.
Faleke was born in Ekinrin Adde in Ijumu Local Government Area in the old Kabba Province. With the creation of Kogi State in 1991, Ijumu Local Government Area became a part of Kogi West. Faleke had his early education in Ijumu. He is an old student of Abdulazeez Atta Memorial College, Ijumu. In 1986, he finished from Kaduna Polytechnic with a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Purchasing and Supply Management with an award of the best student of his class with Upper Credit.
He holds Masters Degree (MBA) in Business Administration with management as the major focus from Imo State university, Owerri in 2003.[1] He is a Fellow of chartered Institute of Purchasing Supply (CIPS), London, and Fellow, Institute of Public Administration (IPA).
Between 1986 and 2003, Faleke worked in several management positions in logistics- procurement, clearing and forwarding, warehousing, distribution and construction. In 1986, during his National Youth Service, Faleke was Purchasing Expediter at National Orthopaedic Hospital, Lagos. He was Material Manager at Kayo Foods Limited, Ilupeju, Lagos before moving to Tate Industries PLC as Purchasing, Clearing, Distribution and Commercial Manager. Faleke also served as Purchasing manager at Air Liquid PLC, and Aluminium Manufacturing Company of Nigeria (ALUMCO) PLC ending his logistics and management career with Crown Agents Ltd as Commercial Manager in 2003.
In 2006, he won a vote to become Chairman of Conference 57, (the body of Local Government Chairmen) in Lagos State until 2011, when his tenure as Ojodu LCDA Chairman ended. Faleke during this period held assignments on the Lagos State Electoral Reform Committee and the Governor’s Advisory Committee of Lagos State.
Faleke was elected to Nigeria’s Federal House of Representatives in 2011, to represent Ikeja Federal constituency of Lagos state. He is known for his brilliant contributions to debates in the house. He was chairman of the House Committee on Anti-Corruption, National Ethics and Values, and member of house committees on Public Procurement, MDGs, Interior, Public Accounts, Science and Technology, and the House Committee on the Petroleum Subsidy Probe.
As a vocal member of the Green Chambers, Hon. Faleke has so far sponsored a number of bills, including the NYSC Act Amendment Bill, which proposed life insurance coverage for NYSC members, a bill prohibiting the sale and use of military uniforms due to the attendant security risks and, still focusing on the nation’s security challenges, he sponsored another motion on the need to shut over 1,400 illegal border routes to curb insurgency. This is a man that never jokes with his constituents and almost every fortnight, Hon. Faleke ensures that he pays visit to his people and holds town hall meetings with them where he deliberates on the way forward to their developments. Information at our disposal revealed that Hon. James Faleke’s many positive antecedents and contributions to the development of Ikeja Federal Constituency are awesome and magnificent. Few months back, he donated 8 patrol vans for the Nigeria Police Force for them to be more active and proactive in securing the lives and properties of Lagosians. In addition to this, Hon. Faleke took it upon himself as a responsibility to repair and rehabilitate the Ojodu Police Station that was burnt beyond recognition during the Endsars protest. Today, the police post is a cynosure of all eyes, a beauty to behold and an envy of other police posts in Lagos State.
Indeed, Hon. James Faleke is a good man, a man of valour, dignity, godliness and humane. His acts of human capacity development and promotion of humanity are incomparable as he has gone out of his way to put heavy smiles on the faces of the people.
Knowing how very important royal fathers are to the grassroots, Hon. James Abiodun Faleke took very good care of them. Just few weeks ago, he hosted a get together with traditional leaders in his constituency where they were empowered to ensure that the safety of their subjects is paramount.
Many qualities of this astute politician and leader revealed that he is so much cherished and loved by the people. He has displayed the qualities of an admirable personality and someone who could be looked up to, anytime, any day.

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