Insurance companies are meant to stand for their customers/clients in terms of trouble. However, some of these insurance companies are renowned with disappointment when their clients need them most. This is a story about a Clothier, a owner of highflying fashion company based in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria with one of Nigeria’s  popular insurance companies A&G. City Pride Magazine gathered authoritatively that in the year 2020, One of the official cars used by the company accountant was seriously bashed by the driver of Vickylove Uka Agwu with her car and he took every necessary steps to ensure his damaged vehicle got repaired by the driver in connivance with the insurance company. However, it has been a long wait in futility for the damaged car to be repaired. We gathered that ever since the accident occurred, mechanics were brought in to check the car’s level of damage and give the cost to repair it. At the end of the scenario, it was reported that a sum of money was quoted by the mechanic and to the amazement of the businessman, the insurance brought in an adjuster M&G Prudent Services who quoted another price entirely different from what the mechanic quoted. Moreover, to the chagrin of the businessman, nothing was done by the insurance company and this is a case of breach of contract on the part of A&G Insurance Plc. The matter is really getting the businessman enraged as it was even alleged that A&G Insurance Company is not forthcoming as promised. This is another negative step taken by the company as it portends to the fact that A&G is taking the businessman for granted and incurring his wrath. It is however surprising and rather discouraging that an A&G Insurance Company hitherto of repute can degenerate so low to this lowest financial crisis. The company is however warned to as a matter of urgency and immediate alacrity react to this issue as the Clothier is taking all necessary steps to take the matter to court.

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