The transition committee chairman, Abeokuta Soulth Local Government, Hon. Ayodeji Shomide; members of his cabinet and the Head of Local Government Administration, Mrs. Bukonla Adeniregun on Monday inspected the managerial functions of Ijaye Health Post.

The oversight function was made to see the level of operational module at the Health Post and to aquaint themselves to some areas where the Health Post may need the support of the local government as well as to know the patronaged effect of the dwellers living in the ambience where the Health Post is established.

He therefore, expressed optimism of the local government’s efforts in restoring the needs of the clinic, saying that in a short while, the health post shall be facelifted and some equipments actually needed shall be procured and extend to the health Post.

The LG boss enjoined the health workers at the Health Post to buckle down in their professional inclinations for they deal in human beings and they must ensure their professional standard to their patients.

In addition, Head of Local Government Administration (HOLGA), Mrs. Adeniregun advised the Health workers there to develop and imbibe spirit of human relations to the people in the environment.

She added that they should make themselves available when necessary as well as to be punctual and maintain their professional standard to the people in the surrounded areas.

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