Arriving with walking stick, glasses, some with aides as they walk slowly to the Banquet hall of Somolu Local Government secretariat for the November edition of welfare package for the elderly people in Somolu. Most of them arrived this venue five hours before the designated time to meet the Mayor of Somolu Local Government, Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu.

The banquet hall was full to capacity as many of the elderly citizens were ready to get their welfare package which they refer to as ‘Ounje Agba’ (elderly people’s food). Elderly people with different language, diverse religions, they are 60 years and above.

While addressing the mammoth crowd, Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu said it is the people that own the government and not other way round as the government must be getting to the people periodically.

It was gathering full of political bigwigs and chiefs as all the APC hierarchy in Somolu are present. All APC apex leaders and apex women leaders were at the programme. Hon. Gbolahan Bagostowe, Hon. Femi Taiwo, Hon. Yomi Osunkoya, Hon. Adewale Oseni, Alhaja Adetutu Surakat, Hon. Abiola Fashoro and many political officers glorified the well attended gathering.

In his opening remarks, the Mayor of Somolu Local Government pointed out that the monthly welfare package for the elderly citizens is one of his campaign promises and key point of his political party, All Progressive Congress. Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu further emphasize that APC is the party designed to touch people at the grassroots. He also elaborated further that everyone in government are there to serve the people as government truly belongs to the people.

An apex leader, Hon. Demola Olisa, described Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu as pride of APC in Lagos State. He further stated that when political officers are performing greatly, they make campaign easier for their political party. “You can see the mood of the elderly people, not because of the food but the Executive Chairman is making them to feel a sense of belonging”, Olisa said.

In batches, with smiles of relief on their faces, some being aided while some prefer to carry it on their head, they left the Banquet hall with their white nylon filled with rice, garri and sweet beans. A visually impaired 76 years old woman who just wished to be addressed as ‘Mama Somolu’, aided by her granddaughter, she said despite the fact that her children give her food stuff monthly, “this one is gift from the government, we must get it as Dullar won’t be tired of giving us because God will keep blessing him and his government”, Mama Somolu said.

Recall that apart from the monthly welfare package for the elderly citizens in Somolu the Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu led administration of Somolu Local Government is known for, many political observers had christened the Mayor of Somolu LG as the ‘Olulana’ (pathfinder) due to his passion to created alternative roads to the major roads in Somolu.

In his quest of unrelenting efforts to support education, the Mayor just acquired two coaster busses  to convey primary school pupils in Somolu to their schools in the morning and back to their home after closing hour in the afternoon. While handing over the busses, the Mayor was represented by his Personal Aide, Engr. Idowu Marayesa stated that the busses are part of the campaign promises of the Executive Chairman and he made it clare that the bursary programme, free GCE and JAMB forms, desk and chairs for the 18 primary schools in Somolu are part of the educational support programmes of the Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu led administration of Somolu Local Government. The Education Secretary of Somolu Local Government Education District Area (LGEA), Hon. Dare Martins lauded the Executive Chairman of Somolu Local Government for his usual support to education programmes. 

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