To none hypocritical, sincere and objective watchers of Nigerian Christendom, no one can say  definitely that they have not heard of the benevolent disposition of Rev. Esther Ajayi, who is renowned for showering gifts on churches and individuals she comes in contact with.

In the last few years, the General Overseer of Love of Christ Church in Clapham, London, has been shuttling Nigeria, hosting one Christian programme after another and uniting the different denominations in the body of Christ.

Only recently, she declared that her philanthropic gestures were not yet enough, adding that she does not like the idea of being a benefactor to people in other parts of the world while only coming to Nigeria on short visits.

To change the foregoing scenario, she is at the verge of completing the permanent site of her church in Lagos. The stadium-like edifice, which is being constructed by one of the famous construction companies in Nigeria, according to her, will ensure that her church is based in Lagos.

However, as recently revealed by the spirit filled, charismatic and ebullient Founder of Genesis Model Parish of the Celestial Church of Christ, Prophet Israel Ogundipe popularly known as Genesis, Reverend Esther Ajayi’s propagation of the Word of Christ is not limited to just growing her ministry. In the words of Prophet Israel Ogundipe (Genesis), Reverend Esther Ajayi is a destiny helper to other ministers, men and women of God, especially himself. Coming from a man like Genesis who is not known to be too vocal on personal matters outside the Gospel of Christ, this recommendation carries a lot of weight.

It will be recalled that Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe is one of those at the fore front of the present revolution, modernization and rebranding of indigenous white garment churches, especially the Celestial Church of Christ in Nigeria that has given the Church Global acceptance by correcting the misplaced and erroneous misconception ignorant people have cast on the church over the years.

In this rare outburst, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe (Genesis) revealed that while people have seen and marveled at his phenomenal growth and that of his ministry Genesis Modern Parish, what they did not know is that the person whom God in His Infinite mercy and wisdom used as his destiny helper is no other person than Reverend Esther Ajayi. Genesis revealed that from the beginning of his ministry and all through the travails he experienced, Reverend Esther Ajayi was always there as a spiritual, moral and financial bulwark for him. In his words “Mama Reverend Esther Ajayi to all intents and interpretation is and will always be my spiritual mother. I know she has a lot of spiritual children; sons and daughters but for me, I know I am her first spiritual son. She has always been there for me to guide me spiritual, she is always there to give me encouragement and financially, I cannot equate or measure how much she has impact my life and my ministry.

To give just a tip of the iceberg, Mama Esther Ajayi was the one who gave me a whooping sixty million to acquire the land for our permanent site at Idimu part of Lagos State, as I am talking with you, I am in the United States of America which I am touring with her spreading the Gospel of Christ. This is not the first time, she takes me everywhere with her; UK, Europe, Asia just name it. I have gone places and met so many great and influential people through her that has helped my destiny. So tell me, what do you call a destiny helper if not that?

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