UK-Based Nollywood Actress, Princess Elizabeth Onanuga has for the first time made her opinion about Covid-19 known.
She made this revelation in an interview session via social media by this publication.
She talked on what she feels about the virus, her contributions so far and urged the Nigerian government to remember the citizens
Excerpts Below:
Q – How would you describe this season?
R – It’s a very tough season for everyone, nothing is working anywhere in the world, literally, the world is on total lockdown due to the sudden pandemic that struck the world. It’s a very ugly situation because people find it hard to survive, for over a month, organizations have shut down, it’s really crazy.
Q – How has it affected you?
R – Of a truth, Covid-19 has affected everyone, as an actress, I had planned to release my recent movie titled ‘Too Much’. We have the posters everywhere on the internet, on newspapers before the covid-19 issue came in but since then, I have not been able to do a lot. Apart from that, I’m a business person in the United Kingdom, I haven’t been able to go to work, because of the fear of this deadly virus.
Q – In the United Kingdom, what efforts are the government making to support the needy?
R – Of a truth, the government here is doing fantastic, the government has given out food items, cash, other palliative packages to the citizens who can’t feed this season, they have been awesome. I wish the government of Nigeria can emulate this kind of gesture, it will really go a long way.
Q – How would you say celebrities like you have contributed to Nigerians at this period?
R – Personally, I have done the little I can do, because I am not in Nigeria at the moment, there is limit to what I can do but notwithstanding, I have distributed food items to the old ones in some parts of Nigeria. Other celebrities have done give aways to people too, I can say celebrities have done very well in that aspect.
Q – What Advice do you have for Nigerians?
R – I will advice Nigerians not to mind the conspiracy theories flying around but they should ensure they follow the necessary measures that the NCDC have set. They should maintain social distance, wash their hands regularly, make use of face-masks, take lemon and ginger, above all, pray.

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