Hosts a virtual meeting on the topic: equality as the solution to providing opportunities within and access to fairer and more inclusive society.
The meeting started by 10: 04am with an address and introduction of speakers and panellist by the moderator (Barr Ene Sarah Unobe the Executive Director of International Center for Human Rights Non-Violence and Safety Awareness). Welcome address/ good will message from United Nation Representatives (Mrs. Bolanle olumeko) another welcome address/good will message from National human Rights commission representative, Mr. Lucas Koyejo.

The keynote speaker Mr. Z. O. Sebanjo spoke on the topic Equality as The Solution to Providing Opportunities Within and Access to Fairer and More Inclusive Society. He further said quality men are not afraid of equality, they happily embrace, override defence of race. Mr. Ikechukwu Uwanna (Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Lagos State Branch), also spoke on the topic and said we need to create a socially inclusive society and that for the system to be sustainable, there have to be rights apart from the fundamental Human Rights, he referred to the Nigeria Constitution Section 42, 1 & 2. He said for

Mr. Lucas Koyejo (Representative of the National Human Rights Commission) talks about the society and human rights, he urges to have respect for our differences, principles of equality. He concluded by saying failure to provide equality harms the people and the economy. Representative of FIDA, Lagos State Branch, Laby Barr. Philomenna Nneji said we cannot but do without women. She said there must be a stop to forced marriage and that people need to change the narrative, collective responsibility child right law/ace. Mr. Eddy Abbah also contributed, madam Ijeoma asked questions while Barr Senbanjo gave an answer to her questions.

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