Vicsonjoy Foundation charity on the 19th of December 2020 shows once again what humanity is all about, Sir Victor and Lolo Joy Enebe the CEO of Vicsonjoy Foundation Teamed up with Prof Tobechukwu Enebe The CEO Tobest Music, and Tobest Healthcare services Ltd To put smile on people’s Faces by giving out to the less privileged members of Umumba ndi uno and neighbouring villages in Ezeagu local government area of Enugu state Nigeria, Bags of rice, Tomatoes, Noddles, Bags of Salts, Onions, Yams, and Cash to so many Families to enable them celebrate this years Christmas and New year. The entire community was seen gathered in their TownHall to rejoice and collect their food item and cash given to them for the Christmas celebration. This is what I call looking after people’s wellbeing and welfare, the Nigerian government has position this country in a way that poor people can hardly afford to eat especially with the Pandemic, so I and my brother and his wife Chief Sir Victor and Lolo Joy Enebe believe that a hungry community is an angry community there fore to eleviate poverty we need a charity organisation like Vicsonjoy foundation and well meaningful members of the community and state to help the community in anyway they can so that our community can be a happy community again full of talents and hope for the Future, we at Vicsonjoy Foundation has set out plans on educating youths and empowering them with skills acquisition in all areas and works of life, so am calling on our state Government to come in and help Vicsonjoy Foundation with this wonderful programme of youth empowerment programme that we have so that together we can make our state and country great again.

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