In one of his hit tracks, Bob Marley once said that everyday the bucket goes to the well but one day, the bottom must drop out.

This timeless truth is the only way to describe the scenario is what is now playing out in Edo State.

In Adams Oshiomhole’s futile attempts to once again fool and take the good people of Edo State for a ride, it is clear that these crocodile smiles and comedy shows are already doomed for failure in his attempts to stop Governor Obaseki’s reelection bid.

For close twenty years now, Comrade Adams has taken Nigerians for a ride wearing the gab of a crusader. As a labour leader, this sane man grandstanded and deceived Nigerians to go on strike upon strike, bearing untold hardship while Oshiomhole will sneak into Aso Rock at night collecting millions.
After that, he used the money to deceive Edo people to vote for him to stop godfatherism which he claimed then was the problem mitigating development in the Heartbeat of The Nation.
But in his latest battle to stop Obaseki and impose Ize Iyamu, a man Oshomale had told Edo people is a devil on the same people to perpetuate the god father syndromes he had claimed to be fighting is sure to be his Waterloo and political obituary.
This is because a visit to any part of Benin, Auchi , Ekpoma and other towns of Edo State listening to Edos speaking their minds today will tell you that despite his latest antics of kneeling down and begging in his characteristic deceptive manner Oshiomhole is now making a mockery of himself in the eyes of his own people. Oshomale’s case in Edo State can simply now be described as every day na im monkey dey go market but one day, im nogo comeback.

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