Youths and elders in Ondo state of Nigeria are now working with law enforcement agencies to chase out and put an end to those that were engaging in propagating homosexuality which the laws of Nigeria abhors.
According to the source, sometimes in late 2018, one Mr. Ikudaisi Majemu Jacob and Mr. Akinsola Olafusi were discovered in an intimacy position in Abuja but both escaped the scene. The people of this great society were determined to go after them to bring them to book.
On March 14 , 2021, Mr. Jacob was spotted at Royal Bird Hotel, Alagbaka, Akure in Ondo State where he works as a house keeper and he was thoroughly beaten to the point of death. He later confessed and admitted he has indeed in relationship with Mr. Akinsola Olafusi for many years but denied knowing his where about.
Our community had been negatively affected by this abominable act and we are appealing to everyone to alert the Operative should whereabouts of Mr. Olafusi is known

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